Why Professional Therapy Is Better

This was heard through the social media grapevine. A highly upset lady got her knickers in a knot when she told her amorous admirer that sometimes when a woman is upset she says things that she did not mean. Fortunately for her, this admirer never gave up on her. Not yet anyway because it has been a few days since his last message of friendship went out to her. She has not responded. He is not losing sleep. But he had to wonder. Because this is what you call a long-distance relationship and words are only being shared in writing, he has no way of really knowing.

Is there something behind her anger? Or was he really bothering her? Who needs behavioral therapists torrance interventions more? Him. Or her. There is no way of really telling at this point in time.

Soon, however, rather than later.

The young man has issues of his own. They are personal issues and, thankfully, they are not directly related to the young lady in question. After all, they had only just met. He wondered out aloud to her whether a cup of coffee might not have been better in order to attempt to iron out differences or clear up the misunderstandings. She never took up the viral alternative. Look, even in real life, you never get to the bottom of what is bothering you.

Or what is bothering her. The deeper the troubling thoughts become, the more pertinent it becomes to seek out professional help. Because even if you engage in thoughtful and heartfelt discussion with a bosom buddy, he or she may never clearly understand. And if these thoughts were particularly problematic, more harm could have been done.

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Let it out. Don’t keep it in.