Can I Qualify for Dentures?

There are a lot of people who assume that if you are a candidate for dentures, it means that you have lost most of your teeth. It is not true. You do not have to lose all or even half of the teeth in your mouth to get dentures.

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A lot of people end up with partial dentures wilsonville because they lost three or four teeth, or slightly more. It is nothing to feel embarrassed about. Perhaps you had a gum infection that spread through a part of your mouth. Or maybe you were in an accident and you lost a few teeth. Now you can use dentures to improve your oral health.

The perks of dentures include feeling a lot happier about your appearance. Do you struggle with your self-esteem each time you are looking at the mirror? There is no upside to having a huge gap in your smile, especially if you are someone who works in an industry where appearances matter.

That is why you should go with dentures, as you can quickly ensure that you are looking your best. And dentures are not all about aesthetics. When you are using dentures, you will find that it is easier to chew your food. There will be no issues with not being able to eat certain types of food.

Another reason that a lot of people go with dentures is because they find that speech improves. If you have a lot of teeth missing, you are naturally going to slur a little more. Your speech will not be as clear, as you develop a slight lisp. Dentures can help ensure that you no longer have that problem.

If you are worried about your teeth and you do not have the budget for dental implants, you need not worry. Partial dentures are more affordable and they can help you a lot.